KvV -



KvV - Consultancy cooperates with freelance colleagues we worked with in the past or when expertise is not available in our own network expertise can be acquired through partners. a brief overview of in-house expertise:

  • Setup / maintaining / LCM / expanding / developing Linux / Windows / Mobile client server or web based solutions.
  • Server / Storage / Hosting / Cloud / Virtualisation management.
  • Database modeling / optimizing / performance tuning on different architectures.
  • Interfacing through Web / Email / telephony / VOIP and or SMS services.
  • Networking / Security / Encryption / VPN and or other forms of connectivity over different media.
  • Development (DevOps, CICD) on Linux / Web / Windows / Mobile applications.

Above mentioned is just a glimpse from the extensive experience found in the resume from Kees van Veen.


Most of these areas of expertise are also personal interests.

The world is changing all the time and demanding new solutions / technologies for new problems. These days everyone is carrying a smartphone with accordingly demands. Cloud storage / messaging / voip / security for mobile devices deserve these days more and more attention.

A logical step for me was to jump on Android since Android is powered by Linux. Next step when you have mobiles to maintain you also want to make sure you can offer the connectivity equal to services like Google offers. However these should be delivered at a corporate level where data is protected and not published by Google or any other 3th party.