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Welcome @ KvV-Consultancy:

KvV - Consultany is a small company consisting mainly of Kees van Veen with the help of additional freelancers when required. Based on what expertise is needed expertise can be acquired from colleagues we worked previously with or from other resources from within our personal network or even externally hired.

Expertise is roughly outlined in two different areas.

  • System administration
  • Software development

In general "Off the Shelf" solutions cover a great deal of the issues risen when administrating systems. However there are occasions when specific solutions are preferred. This can start off with a simple shell / perl script or even a whole application depending on the requirements stated for a system or application. Preferably OpenSource software (or modules / objects) are chosen for solutions because of it's flexibility and availability.

In my case I like to differentiate between the above mentioned areas of expertise, coming from System Administration and developing specific software for maintaining Systems is what I find the most interesting.

You can download my resume here.